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5 signs You are ready to Collaborate with your Wedding Florist

By Natalia Vita Senior

Your wedding day is a blank canvas waiting for the vibrant strokes of floral beauty to transform it into a masterpiece. Selecting the right florist is a crucial decision, turning your vision into a beautiful reality. But when is the optimal time to bring this floral maestro on board? Here are five signs that indicate you’re prepared for a flourishing floral collaboration:

1. Venue Secured

Have you chosen and secured the stage for your dream day? The first sign is when your venue is confirmed. This sets the foundation for meaningful floral discussions. Experienced florists familiar with your venue can recommend the best approach to make your florals and venue shine.

2. Theme and Colors Defined

Have you established your theme, style, or at least chosen your color palette? The second sign is when you have a clear vision of the ambiance you want to create. With your colors and theme in mind, your florist will help navigate through flower options, considering seasonal availability and cost-effective choices.

3. Time is of the Essence

Timing is crucial. The third sign is when you find yourself 6-9 months away from the big day. This sweet spot places you well into the planning process, aware of your desires. Booking early is advantageous, as many florists have limitations on the number of weddings they undertake each week.

4. Budget Considerations

Ever lost sleep over wedding budget allocation? The fourth sign is when you’re ready to explore the financial landscape of your floral dreams. Don’t be shy—ask for what you want and see if it aligns with your budget. Checking if your florist’s minimum spend aligns with your plan is essential, ensuring a smooth collaboration.

5. Desire for Unforgettable Moments

Are you yearning to make your wedding an unforgettable affair? The fifth sign is a desire to elevate your celebration beyond the ordinary. Your florist isn’t merely crafting arrangements; they contribute to the overall ambiance of your wedding. Engaging them early allows for creative brainstorming, from floral arches framing your vows to petals strewn along the aisle.

In conclusion, the signs are clear—when your venue is secured, your vision is in focus, budgeting is a priority, and you’re in the sweet spot of wedding planning, it’s time to talk to your wedding florist. Let’s start our conversation!

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