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Great Questions to Ask Your Wedding Florist (& other Vendors)

By Natalia Vita Senior

Welcome to the exciting world of wedding planning that is full of food, fashion and flowers. While you might have been bridesmaids many times or perhaps have a job related to events, you’ve probably never dived deep into wedding planning. In the beginning, you will find yourself talking to many vendors, so asking the right questions is important.

To help, we’ve put together relevant questions you should ask your wedding florist and five more questions that you could ask most vendors to get a good understanding of their business and how they work.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Florist

1: Do you have a special or preferred design style? – Some florists do prefer to work in certain styles only and it is important to understand if designer you are consulting with will be able to deliver flowers in your preferred floral vision. This is when you can also ask to see their portfolio to determine if their style matches your dream wedding ideas.

2: Do you have a “minimum spent” limit set up for custom weddings? – Some florists will have minimum limit requirement on custom wedding packages. This might be important if florist’s minimum is above your budget.

3: What flowers do you recommend for our venue and wedding vision?  – Most of the time your florist already worked in the venue you are planning to have your wedding in and knows layout, lighting, and interior décor of the place very well. Therefore, they can recommend what will look good and sometimes ways to better implement your ideas.

4: What flowers are in season when we are planning our wedding for?  – It is important to know what flowers are in season to make sure your wish list matches availability. Most flowers are available year round, but there are some particular favorites that are only available on certain times of the year such as Peonies or Dahlias just to name a few.

5:  What are some ways we can maximize our floral budget? – You might be surprised by the ideas your florist might have up to their sleeve and offer you various options to keep you on budget and with gorgeous flower arrangements.

6: Do you offer floral mock-ups for high-end weddings? – Most florists will do mockups as an additional service to your wedding package. Sometimes though for the larger and more complex weddings mockups

could be offered a complimentary service.

7: Do you offer delivery, set up and take down services? – Many florists will offer those services for the separate charge, and it could be so super helpful in planning your special day to go through smoothly.



General Questions For Wedding Vendors Including Your Wedding Florist


1: May we see your portfolio of recent work, please?

This can be an important question as many vendors including wedding photographers, videographers, cake makers and decorators. Busy wedding vendors who are in demand, often don’t regularly update their social media and website so ask this question to ensure you see their best work.

2: What is your policy on postponing and canceling? Are there additional conditions regarding force-majeure situations like pandemic for example?

3: How long have you been in business? How many weddings have you done in that time?

4: Do you take more than one wedding on any date? Will you be the person working on my wedding or will your staff handle my wedding?

5: Are there wedding vendors you especially like working with?

Usually, vendors are contacted via email in the first instance and you can ask some of these questions from the beginning. The reply you get will give insight into the level of service and professionalism you can expect throughout the process. Is the tone of the reply friendly, informative and proactive by offering additional information about services? If the answer is yes to all of these questions, you have probably found an excellent vendor to put on your shortlist.

We hope this article has given you some inspiration about how to choose your vendors including your wedding florist. Of course, we are happy to answer these questions and any others you may have. When it comes to talking about weddings and flowers, we can’t get enough!



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