Forever Pretty


Our finest designer choice selection of preserved flowers and greenery, with ethernal roses, grasses and other dried elements to make this luxurious arrangement a conversation piece at your house. Tastfully assembled in the color coordinated ceramic vase this piece is suitable as a present for Mother’s Day, Easter, Birthday or as Thank you note. Perfect for the office or any other place that doesn’t have much natural lighting. This arrangement is guaranteed to last up to year or longer if not mechanically tempered or displayed in the direct sunlight.

Arrangement comes in 3 color combinations to choose from, however please note that we will not gurantee exact vases or combination of elements as all our arangements are designer choice and made to your requested color palette, with finest products we have in stock. We allow our designers’ creativity flow and turst us that every arrangement is unique and special made to your purchase value or greater.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any specific requests or questions.