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Valentine’s Day Made Easy – All your questions answered

By Natalia Vita Senior

Q. What is the story of Valentine’s Day?

A. The origin story of Valentine’s Day could not be more romantic. In Rome, around 269 AD, Saint Valentine was secretly performing   marriages for soldiers, against the wishes of Emperor Claudius II who felt it would weaken the young men. Arrested and imprisoned, the saint fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, and before he was executed on February 14, he sent her a love note signed “Your Valentine.” Whether the legend is true or not, St. Valentine became known as a martyr for love, and the holiday is celebrated all around the world.

In the fifth century, Pope Gelasius made St. Valentine’s Day official, and in the 14th century, knights began making chivalrous gestures of courtly love to ladies in the form of cards and gifts on February 14th. Geoffrey Chaucer immortalizes Valentine’s Day in his poem “Parliament of Foules,” believed to be the first written record of its association with romance. He describes a flock of birds who choose their mates for the year on “seynt valentynes day.”

FAQ about Valentine’s Day

Q. Why roses are considered a symbol of Valentine’s Day?

A. It wasn’t until the 1700s that roses, an ancient flower from East Asia, started to make their way to Europe. Red roses in particular began to be offered on Valentine’s Day, as they were associated with Isis, Aphrodite and Venus, the ancient goddesses of love. Red roses with their thorns symbolize enduring romantic love; that love can be both painful and everlasting.

Q. How long before Valentine’s Day should I pre-order flower delivery?

A. To ensure the availability and best price you should order flowers as soon as you thought about Valentine’s Day flowers. Even if it’s a month or two or a year in advance. We take those orders and place them in our system and when time comes, we will remind you about the order. In fact we have special program that allow you to put orders in advance for all your significant dates and not ever miss on sending flowers for significant days in life of your loved ones. We will remind you and consult with you on type, style and price of the arrangements before it is send. So if you missed Valentine Day flowers this year, do not delay place your order with us now for next year and we will make sure you don’t miss it again.

Q. What is the average cost of Valentine’s Day flowers?

A. It is very hard to say as there is no average price. At Flower Aura by Natasha, we offer custom floral arrangements that are created specifically for your loved ones. We work with seasonal flower selections and work with your requests and budget. We offer wide variety and we encourage your to browse and choose your favorites. Our minimum Valentine’s Day bouquets start at $50.

Q. Can I send a Valentine’s Day bouquet anonymously?

A. Yes. By your request we can send anonymous cards with our flowers, however your information is still required to place an order.

That information includes your name, surname, phone number and credit card information, sometimes e-mail and physical address. If recipient will call us to enquire about your name, we must reveal it to them. (Name is the only information that will be passed along). We are obligated to do that to prevent abuse and stocking.

If recipient refuses to receive flowers or expresses displeasure in receipt of the gift from you,  we do not get involved into the discussion or passing messages between the parties. There are no refunds in situations like that. We only perform the service we were hired for and do not get involved in personal disputes.

 Q. Who should you buy Valentine flowers for?

A. We suggest that you buy flowers for people you genuinely love. It doesn’t have to be romantic love necessarily, but it should be love. If you love your auntie, for example, you definitely can send her a bouquet of flowers and small box of chocolates.

We have many varieties in our shop that will make anyone on your list happy. We recommend our “In Pink”, “Lavender Romance” and “Flower Ball” for non-romantic flower notes.

Q. Do girls usually get guys something for Valentines Day?

A. Absolutely, both parties in the relationship should spoil each other on that day, to keep their relationship healthy. Check out our gift store or Flowers for Him section to find wonderful gifts and ideas! Attach funny or thoughtful message and you win his heart.

We suggest: Potted plants, Gourmet Gift Basket, “Tropical Symphony” or “Your beautiful face”

Q. What should I NOT gift on V-day?

A. Those are the things we believe should NOT be given on V-day.

  • Generic gift card
  • Household appliances or a Cookbook
  • Something they need,
  • Some gadgets you are more excited about then they will,
  • Anything from hardware store,
  • Impersonal, standard, grocery store bouquet (we may be bias… here)

Flower Aura by Natasha has many wonderful flower selections and gifts to chose from.

Q. Do flowers make a girl feel special?

A. Absolutely!

It is thoughtful, especially when you went to a florist & ordered something especially for her.

  • Flowers are romantic. Women like romance and to be romanced.
  • Unless she has an allergy to fresh cut flowers you can’t go wrong, she will be happy to see flowers.
  • Flowers provide lasting joy from the moment they are received, placed in the house and enjoyed in the upcoming days.

If you want her to feel super special we suggest to browse following selection: “I heart U”, “Modern Renaissance”, “Your Beautiful Face”, “My heart is yours” and many others on our Valentine & Romance page.

Q. What are top 5 flowers sold on V-day? 

A. All flowers are beautiful, and all have wonderful meanings that are suited for the special day like Valentine’s,

But there is the list of our top sellers:

  1. Roses – love & beauty
  2. Tulips – first love & in love
  3. Lilies – Majestic & purity
  4. Gerbera daisy – happiness & friendship
  5. Orchid – astounding beauty

We will have all these flowers in stock for our V-day arrangements. Please pre-order to ensure your flowers are secured for you.

Q, What can I do for Valentine’s Day with my Girlfriend?

A. We have perfect alternative to usual Dinner&Movie option. This is our DIY Flower Arranging workshop. For Valentine’s we offer Roses, Succulents & Rose. Make your own beautiful and arrangement with premium roses, succulents and greenery in the ceramic pot, while sipping glass of rose babbly. This way you give her flowers, wonderful experience & your time, which for many girls equals love. Check out our Workshops page or reach out directly to reserve your spot.

Q. What is the best gift for a girlfriend on Valentine’s?

A. The best gift is flowers. That is simple and easy answer. If she is your girlfriend and you already passed the “unsure” point and said  words of love. then almost any of our floral arrangements with addition of chocolates, stuffed toys or spirits would work. However if you have not yet exchanged the L word, and only hoping to do so soon, we would recommend to avoid red roses or roses only arrangements. Reserve to mixed flowers in pinks, purples, peach and yellow colors such as “Garden Mix” or “Lavender Romance” , though our first choice will be our “Bunch of tulips”. Meaning of tulip is first love or in love, it is very romantic flower that represents hope and tenderness, so by far is a best choice for budding romance.

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