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First Year of marriage – Cotton Anniversary

By Natalia Vita Senior

First Year of marriage is known as Cotton or Chintz Anniversary.

I think it’s because like simple cotton material is not yet strong but colors are bright and attractive.  First year is considered to be most difficult and if couple survived it, they are now on their way to build wonderful life together.  (I am not sure though if you should count years you’ve been together before wedding)

In my opinion it’s quite an important date and should be definitely celebrated. If you are like me a bit puzzled about how to do it and if there is a tradition and what kind of present to choose, you definitely will benefit from this little blog post.


This is what I found out:

Traditions & superstitions:

  • Celebrate for sure! Either together or invite big party over. If you have means you may repeat your wedding day,
    or at least treat yourself for a photo session. We recommend https://www.nadinemckenneyphotography.com/
  • If there is no arguments that day, life will be nice and peaceful
  • If you wake up at the same time, you might welcome baby this year
  • It is not recommended to give pants or socks as it could lead to infidelity (wow!!)
  • It is OK to wear your wedding dress !!! (sign me up for that one 🙂 If you are looking for great alteration services this is what we recommend: https://www.facebook.com/ritakorsuncouturer/

Gift ideas:

  • It is custom to give something out of cotton or other fabric. For example wife could chose to buy a dress shirt for
  •  her husband and great gift from husband could be lingere or a night gown.
  • Fresh flower arrangements (see our shop to select something special for your loved one http://www.floweraurabynatasha.com/product-category/signature/ )
  • Great present for the couple is set of bed sheets or nice table cloth, as well as set of towels or bath robes.
  • Always great idea to give a gift of experience for two such as: spa treatment, swimming lessons or DIY Floral Arranging workshop.  (Flower Aura by Natasha offers workshops all year round, check out our workshop page http://www.floweraurabynatasha.com/workshops/ )
  • Letter with words of love and gratitude for the wonderful and happy year

In any case do not let this day just go by, celebrate and make sure to toast for your future. It is always a good sign.

For your togetherness!

Flower Aura by Natasha

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