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The Beginning of a New Journey

By Natalia Vita Senior

Hello and welcome to my blog, I am the lead florist and owner of Flower Aura by Natasha. For many years I have been fascinated with flowers and floral arrangements. However, I was content to be on the outside looking in, as I was building my career in the oil industry. Then a few years ago I decided to take my first flower workshop. Little did I know that at that moment my life would begin to change. I realized how much joy it brought me to be surrounded by flowers and working with them. Bringing out the true beauty and potential in each and every petal. I started out helping local florists in Calgary and then made the decision to start my own business. I’ve helped hundreds of Calgarians make their special occasions even more unique.

I’ve decided to start up this blog to share some of my knowledge and experience working with flowers. In light of recent events, I have found that a lot of people are struggling with their mental health. We have forgotten that things like flowers are a great way to get some endorphins into their system. I want people to know that flowers are not a luxury, they are a necessity…a medicine for your soul and body.

Here I will post how to take care of your flowers, ways to arrange them, flowers and plants for your well-being and so much more. I of course would love to hear some feedback. If there’s anything that you would like me to post or questions you might have, please let me know.

I look forward to starting this new journey in sharing my knowledge and enriching all of our lives.


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