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Bouquet vs Arrangement. Is there a difference?

By Natalia Vita Senior

In my years working as floral designer I always find it’s confusing when some customers call arrangement a bouquet and bouquet an arrangement. So I decided to make it simple and clear just in case someone is wondering 🙂

According to dictionary: Bouquet is an attractively arranged bunch of flowers, especially one presented as a gift or carried at the ceremony.

The key word here is bunch of flowers – meaning hand tied (tied to be hold in hands),  so it is intended to be carried in hands, it does not have a vase or container and might need some basic arranging once placed in any vessel for display.

Standard every day bouquets, that are given for birthdays or other similar celebrations are usually cheaper than arrangements as they require less time to be prepared. Exception will be for the bridal or special occasion bouquets that are made with premium flowers and with application of exclusive techniques and props to achieve  required look.

Bouquets could be of the mixed fresh cut flowers or the same type of blooms if they are particularly requested or incredible on it’s own (for example: dozen roses, tulips, peonies, orchids, etc.)

Bouquets are perfect for customers who want to save a bit of money and send more flowers on their given budget. They are also good as a present to someone who enjoys flower arranging themselves and/or have an extensive vase collection.

Hand tied bouquets are not a good choice when sending flowers to: Office or place of work, hospital or to a person who just got out of the hospital or not feeling well (as they might not be up for any arranging), sending sympathy flowers for service at the funeral home.

Floral arrangement would be flowers that are already arranged in a container or a vase. They do not require (hopefully 🙂 ) anyone to touch it, just remove from packaging and place it on the table or other area in the ones space for display or enjoyment.

Therefore cost of the floral arrangement includes extra labour to create it, as well as cost of vase or  container and any other props to make a beautiful and eye catching piece.

The more complex the arrangement is, the more time it requires to make, therefore it will drive the costs up. Floral arrangements are usually great for any occasion and to any person, unless of course we are talking about occasions that are more suited for the bouquet.

I hope this now clarifies the issue a bit, and if not I am welcoming all of your comments and suggestions.

Have a great day and don’t forget to smell the flowers.



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