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Why Flowers Are A Great Investment For Your Wedding

By Natalia Vita Senior

 Ask most brides which wedding details they are most excited about and their florals will always be on the list, along with the dress, decor, music and cake. But after swooning over glorious portfolios, websites, and bridal magazines, it is time to get serious about budgeting.

Some couples initially think spending a large part of the wedding budget on flowers is extravagant. The flowers are only going to be enjoyed for the day. But you will be enjoying the flowers always, as you look back on the photos and video captured by your professional creative team and candid imagery from your loved ones.

Also don’t underestimate how essential gorgeous florals are in making your vision for the day come alive. Fresh flowers make a space special and your wedding is an occasion that calls for the alluring aroma and meaningful mood florals create. When planning your wedding, the flowers should be one of your main priorities.

The Ceremony

The moment you have been waiting for (perhaps your whole life) is here and deserves to be decorated with an Instagram-worthy floral backdrop. An archway is a key feature of the ceremony setup and appears in almost all the photos and video footage as you get married. So even though your ceremony might be short, beautiful flowers are a must since you will look back on that imagery forever.

Pro tip: Move your archway to your reception to enjoy it all night long and maximize your floral budget.

The Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet is a feature of the wedding day florals that is so important it has its own traditional moment at the wedding. But before you toss the bouquet, it is to be admired all day long. We deliver the bouquet early so your photographer can get those detail shots and bridal portraits while you are getting ready. Then you can expect many comments from loved ones as you carry your bouquet during the ceremony, photos afterward and when entering the reception.

Pro tip: Ask your venue or wedding planner to provide vases so the bridal bouquets can be displayed throughout the reception area such as bridal, signing or dessert tables for the entire evening for all to enjoy.

The Reception

It makes sense to invest in reception flowers because this is the longest part of the day. As you celebrate, guests will enjoy the stunning flowers in the centerpieces every time they return to the table. With candles and table numbers, gorgeous centerpieces make the tables look perfect as you celebrate your love story.

Pro tip: Give your centerpieces to guests to take home. Talk to your MC or day of coordinator to come up with fun ways to win centerpieces as party favors. Alternately you could arrange to have them donated to a local retirement home or hospital so they can be appreciated for many more days.

This said, you should have that rose-adorned archway, chic flower wall and the elegant elevated centerpieces that match your ceremony flowers. They are an investment that will continue to pay you back for a lifetime in the priceless currency of sweet and fond memories.

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